Note from Marietta

Asked to talk about myself, I thought of the song, It's Been A Good Year For The Roses," so I paraphrased it and thought, "It's Been a Good Year For Latebloomers."
    Mr. Chestnut, you wrote a gorgeous song; it is easily one of my most favorites, thank you for letting us enjoy your talents.

I came to music later in life, grew up on a farm using a broom as a "pretend" guitar, singing country songs I heard on the Grand Ole Opry. Little did I know I had a bundle of them inside me. Having to cope with widowhood, I had an idea for a song and while writing it down, the accompanying melody was right there and "You're Here Today, But Gone Tomorrow" was born. It was onward and upward and this past Friday, June 15, my song ONE MORE TIME reached one of the charts at #5.

Music is my passion together with writing in general. I am in the midst of writing a Musical based on my song TROPHY WIFE, submitted a short story to several publications - yes, there is life as long as we are living and breathing. I want you to enjoy my website. All questions, comments are very welcome - I look forward to hearing from you. My best, Marietta K. Wilk