About Me

I was born in the nickel mining town of Sudbury, Ontario, just like Neil Young and Alex Trebek. A whole passel of us migrated to the U. S. A., I became a citizen in 1997, Carrie Underwood's husband, Mark Fisher played for the Ottawa hockey team, met and married that lady with such gorgeous pipes (and a beauty besides!) and now lives in Nashville, Tn. This is a great country as is Canada and I am proud to be a citizen of both.

Graduate of Grace Hospital School of Nursing, Toronto, Canada

Associate Degree from New York University

Hunter College in New York City

Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City

Executive Assistant to Broadway Producer, Herman Levin

TVS Television Network, Commercial Co-ordinator

Creator of Storyboard for TROPHY WIFE Video, Co-produced and Co-Directed in Conjunction with TriStar Productions
Music and Lyrics by Marietta K. Wilk

Appeared on All My Children as a day player
As the World Turns
The Doctors
Law and Order
Law and Order Special Victims Unit

Short story published while at NYU in their literary magazine, ICARUS, titled CAT, GO AWAY

Currently working on a musical based on song, Trophy Wife