Exciting News

Marietta R. K. Wilk's romantic comedy script titled, "What Happened When Spunky Met Egotesticle?" won entrance into the Austin Comedy Film Festival, Romantic Comedy, category for 2021. The Portland, Oregon, Film Festival, Romantic Comedy segment, also recognized the merits of the same script for this year's competition. Winners will be announced in the coming month.

Ms. Wilk entered her music video based on her composition, Trophy Wife, into the category reserved for music videos in Austin for 2021 As well as writing the melody and lyrics, Ms. Wilk created the storyboard and co-produced and co-directed the video. Submitted to VEVO, the video was acknowledged by VEVO the same day for airing. CMT notified Ms. Wilk a few days later, they too, had reserved a page for her music video, Trophy Wife.

Marietta's music video for her song Trophy Wife was accepted for the contest in the MicroFilm category. Winners in this category can expect announcements soon.
Please check out the video below.

This just in, Marietta's play was just selected by The Berlin Film Festival and the most recent, Toronto Shorts FF!!

Received notice that my film has been added to The Cannes International Film Festival

Amazing news! "Trophy Wife" was just selected by @flickfair via FilmFreeway.com!

Professional actors, directors, and producers will be participating in the various Table Reads taking place at Sundance at that time.

Just being invited is an honor."