JK Coltrain Host

In August of 2012 J. K. had spoken with Keith Bradford of NBRN in Nashville about the possibility of airing a show on his network. When Keith responded that he'd be happy to air his weekly show J. K. went to work creating his own weekly show.

Originally he just planned to air some of his own personal favorites but after receiving a number of new releases from other record labels J. K. decided that it would be nice to have a show that featured these new releases. Thus The Country Breakout Show came to be which is now being heard worldwide across numerous networks.

Stations Currently Airing Our Shows

  • NBRN
  • Country Dreams Radio
  • Radio Nashville International
  • Cool Country World
  • Radio Southland
  • Country Music Enterprises
  • Radio.MusciansMusic.Net
  • St Florian AM
  • TLC Radio

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Country Breakout Show
Week of Sept. 29th Show